Hoffman West Real Estate


Imagine waking up in the morning and having the urge to just feel the cool wisp of air on your skin as you glide gently past evergreens. After suiting up and having a nice cup of brewed coffee, you open the door of your cabin and just ski out, free, without any inhibitions, one with nature.

Ski homes in Bachelor Gulch, CO are the epitome of ski-in and ski-out properties. Because the area is between two ridges, nearly 85% of homes here have unparalleled access to the slopes of Beaver Creek Mountain. Located in the center of the 3.7 mile village-to-village trail enables residents and visitors to simply put their skis on and slide out of their doors to begin their journey to either Arrowhead or Beaver Creek.

When the winter snow melts, you can still enjoy hiking on the trails. See the first sprigs of greens and flowers emerge from the soil, gaze up and see birds testing their wings, or try to spot the wildlife that may be lurking around the bend. Cycling on these trails are also popular enabling you to get the exercise you need in the most scenic location. If you can’t wait to hit the court, you can play tennis during the warm months of summer. After a thrilling match, have a calming dip in a pool.