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Is It a Trend or a Fad? How to Know the Difference When Updating Your Home

When fixing up your home, especially if you’re doing so to get it in shape to put it on the market, you want to make sure it looks updated. And that means including current trends. But there’s a fine line between trends and fads. In a macro sense, “A fad is a short-lived phenomenon, fading in a […]

Eighty Four Percent of Existing Home Shoppers Use Realtors To Buy New Homes

Eight four percent of new home purchases, preferred existing homes. Ninety one present  who preferred a new home purchased an existing home. What more proof is needed to convince real estate agents to farm new home shoppers and qualify resale shoppers for new homes?   According to the NewHomeSource Home Shopper Survey – Wave 5, published […]

A Guide to the Best Spring Skiing—From Banff to Breckenridge Not only can hitting the slopes in March or April save you money, it might make you a better skier.

SPRING MIGHT BE the best time to ski this year. Snowpack—i.e., accumulated layers of snow at high altitudes—is currently at or above average across the Western U.S., meaning that even if there’s zero snowfall for the next six weeks, you’ll still find plenty of swooshable terrain until at least late March. Not only does the weather […]