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Don’t Miss These Top Home Design Trends in 2020

As 2019 comes to an end and the new year looms on the horizon, we’re setting our sights on the 2020 new home design trends. Organization, eco-consciousness and tranquility are all emerging as key themes in the home design world. Although our society is technologically advanced and more fast-paced than ever, homeowners are turning their […]

Want to Feel Safer at Home? Follow These Tips

We all love that taste of independence when we have the keys to our apartment. Having no one bossing you around or dealing with an annoying roommate can be quite exhilarating for many people. However, living alone isn’t always that grand- especially when it comes to your safety.  If you aren’t feeling safe on the […]

Conventional, Subprime and Private Loans Defined

WRITTEN BY DAVID REEDPOSTED ON SUNDAY, 25 AUGUST 2019 05:00 In today’s home loan world, there are three primary types of mortgages. They are conventional, subprime and private and all three are extremely important and needed in the world of real estate finance. Conventional loans are those that are made by mortgage lenders where the lender […]

Who are 2019 Home Buyers and What They Want in a Home, According to the Experts

Realtors and home sellers both need to have certain insights into the minds of homebuyers in order to make fast, efficient sales. Whether you’re hoping to update prior to putting a house on the market, or just wondering who your target audience is, paying attention to industry data can really pay off. Each year, Fixr […]