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Who are 2019 Home Buyers and What They Want in a Home, According to the Experts

Realtors and home sellers both need to have certain insights into the minds of homebuyers in order to make fast, efficient sales. Whether you’re hoping to update prior to putting a house on the market, or just wondering who your target audience is, paying attention to industry data can really pay off. Each year, Fixr […]

7 Ways To Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Are you ready to begin getting your home in top condition to sell? There are a few steps every homeowner should take before listing your home to maximize the chances of getting a high offer. From decluttering and cleaning to fixing broken items and painting, the following actions can help dramatically when trying to sell […]

How Lenders Evaluate the Self-Employed Borrower

One of the primary factors when issuing a loan approval is to make sure the borrowers can afford the new mortgage payment along with other monthly credit obligations. This is accomplished by comparing monthly payments with monthly income. For someone who receives a pay check on the 1st and 15th it’s relatively easy to figure […]

How to Scam-Proof Your Roof

Spring is here and, for many people across the country, that means storms. And storms, unfortunately, mean storm chasers. But not the kind who get in their car and follow the path of those storms so they can report dangerous weather and learn more about preparedness. We’re talking about those who show up at your […]

Can You Get Last Minute Flood Insurance for Your Home?

Flood insurance provides financial protection for homeowners and commercial property owners after floods caused by natural disasters. These events would include hurricanes, tropical storms, or heavy rains, as well as swollen rivers and burst dams. Flood insurance is different than water damage repair insurance, which covers floods caused by burst pipes, broken windows, and other […]